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SiBEAM & Google ATAP Bring Touchless Gesture Sensing Technology to Tomorrow’s Smart Devices

Millimeter-wave Innovations Enable Rich Hand Gesture Interactions with Small Wearable Devices

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Letv Le Max

Introducing World’s First 60GHz
Millimeter-wave Smartphone

SiBEAM Captures UltraGig™ Design Win in Letv’s Flagship Smartphone, Le Max.

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WiGig 802.11ad

Announcing SiBEAM’s New
WiGig 802.11ad Solution

Delivers multi-gigabit data transfer and UHD video streaming to transform next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity

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Banner 4 Snap

SiBEAM Snap Wireless Connector

Blazing fast wireless connection means a world without connectors and mobile device designs that are more beautiful and completely life proof

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SiBEAM Snap™ technology changes the way you connect your devices

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