SiBEAM technology was born out of pioneering research conducted around the implementation of millimeter wave circuits in standard silicon chips at the labs of the University of California, Berkeley. The founders developed not only the first mass production millimeter wave devices for consumer applications, but also a complete system of standards, certification houses, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. The SiBEAM Technology Group at Lattice Semiconductor continues to employ this approach as it develops next-generation solutions for wireless connectivity and sensing in the consumer electronics, mobile, enterprise and infrastructure markets.

Our Vision

Your life is fast-paced, demanding and sometimes unpredictable. We believe technology should work faster than you, which is why we create wireless technologies that accelerate all aspects of your digital life. Our vision is of a world where gigabit wireless is everywhere – a world where human and machine connectivity and interactivity occurs at lightning speed. This will transform and disrupt the current paradigm in the consumer, industrial and communications markets and connect you and your content in a flash.

We are working hard to develop the key technologies that will enable this vision to become reality.

Work with Us

If you want to create the foundation of the next generation of wireless connectivity through the development of ultra-high performance RF and high bandwidth wireless data communications solutions, then we are the right group for you. To view available openings, please visit the career page of our parent company, Lattice Semiconductor, type "SiBEAM" into the "Search Term" box and hit "enter".


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Media Relations

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Doug Hunter
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