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Posted 01/31/2017 by Greg W. Hartman - NDS Director of Global Sales, ZeroWire

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Technology is rapidly changing the environment and practice in the medical industry, including the surgical theatre commonly known as the Operating Room (OR). ORs are transitioning from a traditional model, where radiology imaging equipment resides in a separate room of the hospital, to a new Hybrid or Integrated OR model, where advanced diagnostic imaging equipment becomes an integral part of the surgical suite. This new direction creates a challenge when inserting additional displays into the OR, where the safety of the staff and patients is of primary importance. The team at NDS has designed wireless solutions to keep medical equipment seamlessly connected, while helping to create a more efficient and safer working space.

How are medical displays used?

Medical displays can provide either the primary video content for the surgeon or secondary video content for the physician’s assistant and other hospital staff. They may be mounted on an endoscopic camera cart, articulating boom arm, wall, nurse’s station, or a portable/cordless display stand. Many times a surgical case (surgery) will contain multiple procedures, each procedure potentially involving a different set of equipment. Maneuvering various equipment during the surgery brings a different set of challenges related to the cables tying the systems together.

NDS ZeroWire
Reducing cables

The elimination of connecting cables is of tremendous benefit for many safety and maintenance reasons. It helps remove tripping hazards from the floor, allowing medical staff to move more safely around the patient table, and gives the flexibility to maneuver the equipment without rolling over and potentially damaging the cable over time. The removal of connecting cables eliminates the need to clean and sterilize cables, which in turn means a possible reduction in hospital operating costs. Reducing the time involved in cable cleaning could lead to quicker OR turnaround times between surgeries, resulting in a potential better bottom line for the hospital.

Our Solution

NDS Surgical Imaging, a medical industry and visualization technology leader in medical displays and video processing equipment, is focused on OR integration technology innovation. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs.

Our ZeroWire wireless product portfolio addresses the challenges associated with connecting cables. Through our partnership with Lattice and the use of SiBEAM 60 GHz technology, NDS has developed a medical-grade, medical-application-tailored wireless video solution capable of delivering high-bandwidth, high-definition, near-zero (sub-frame) latency video for an uncompromised, high quality, and real-time video image experience which is imperative in medical applications.

Today, the ZeroWire ecosystem consists of wireless video transmitter and receiver adapters, which can be integrated into many of the existing surgical environments, medical displays with integrated ZeroWire wireless receiver, and OEM medical equipment manufacturers embedding the ZeroWire wireless transmitter solution within their platforms.

This is only the beginning for how the ZeroWire ecosystem will continue to expand to address everything wireless within the OR and the hospital facility.

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