Gigabit Connector

SiBEAM Snap™

SiBEAM Snap™ wireless connector technology delivers up to 12 Gb/s of bi-directional bandwidth for ultra-fast data transfers. With Snap, designers are liberated from the mechanical constraints of connectors, leading to more elegant industrial designs that are thinner, lighter, and protected from damaging elements like water, dust, mud, and humidity.

The SB6210 / SB6212 wireless transmitter and SB6211 / SB6213 wireless receiver ICs integrate USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 PHY interfaces to support Hi-Speed and SuperSpeed data transfer rates. In addition, digital logic has been integrated to tunnel I2C communication between the pair for protocol communication, control function, and private communication between devices. The SB6210 / SB6212 and SB6211 / SB6213 devices make it simple to replace USB type A, B, C, and micro USB connector types in mobile, PC, or CE devices.


  • TabletsTABLETS
  • Mobile PhonesSMARTPHONES
  • Wireless DockWIRELESS DOCKS
  • CamerasCAMERAS
Part # Description
SB6210/6212 Snap wireless transmitter with USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface
SB6211/6213 Snap wireless receiver with USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface

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Gigabit Indoor

WirelessHD™ Transmitter and Receiver Modules

WirelessHD delivers robust, visually lossless, low-latency wireless video transmission. The certified WirelessHD transmitter and receiver modules make it simple to integrate WirelessHD capability into any video system. The transmitter module provides a digital audio/video sink compatible with HDMI®, for the wireless transmission of 1080p quality video to any WirelessHD-compliant receiver. The receiver module provides a digital audio/video source compatible with HDMI, for the wireless reception of 1080p quality video from any WirelessHD-compliant transmitter.


  • Portable PCsNOTEBOOK PCS
  • TabletsTABLETS
  • Home TheaterHOME THEATER
  • AV ReceiversA/V RECEIVERS
  • Blu-Ray PlayerBLU-RAY PLAYERS
  • Wireless AdaptersWIRELESS ADAPTERS
  • Set-Top BoxesSET-TOP BOXES
  • Medical ImagingMEDICAL IMAGING
  • Industrial ImagingINDUSTRIAL IMAGING
  • Video ProjectorsPROJECTORS
  • PC MonitorsPC DISPLAYS
  • Virtual RealityVIRTUAL REALITY
Part # Description Product Brief
MOD6320-T Wireless Transmitter Module Download File
MOD6320-T-C Wireless Transmitter Module with Cable Download File
MOD6321-R Wireless Receiver Module Download File
MOD6321-R-C Wireless Receiver Module with Cable Download File
MOD6321-R-12 Wireless Receiver (Dual Polarization Antenna) Download File
MOD6321-R-12-C Wireless Receiver (Dual Polarization Antenna) with Cable Download File

These products are sold by our parent company Lattice Semiconductor. To place an order or request additional information, please contact your local sales representative.

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UltraGig™ 6400 WirelessHD Mobile Transmitter

The UltraGig™ 6400 device is a complete WirelessHD® transmitter for mobile devices that integrates a 60 GHz RF transceiver, baseband processor, and embedded antenna array into a single chip. Specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, this ultra-low-power transmitter enables robust high-definition wireless video connectivity between portable devices and large displays, delivering a cable-quality connection without wires. The device includes an MHL® 2.0 transmitter and HDCP 2.0 content protection.


  • Mobile PhonesMOBILE PHONES
  • Portable PCsNOTEBOOK PCs
  • CamerasCAMERAS
  • Gaming ConsolesGAMING SYSTEMS
  • TabletsTABLETS
Part # Description
SiI6400 Single Chip WirelessHD network processor, RF transceiver, and in-package antenna solution

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SiBEAM 802.11ad Chipsets

SiBEAM’s next-generation 802.11ad chipsets include the SB6501 MAC and baseband processor IC, and RF transceiver ICs that support high-performance in-room applications. The SB6501 baseband processor can interface with mainstream SoC processor platforms using a PCI Express interface.

The SiI6310 and SiI6312 RF transceiver ICs provide high performance 60 GHz connectivity for in-room and other short-range applications. Together, the MAC/baseband and RF combination enables multi-gigabit network data transfer and 4K UHD video streaming.

SiBEAM’s 802.11ad solution employs industry-proven best-of-breed beamforming technology to enhance RF link robustness.


  • Portable PCsNotebook PCs
  • TabletsTablets
  • Mobile PhonesSmartphones
  • Wireless DockWireless Docks
  • HD TVsDTVs
  • Wireless NetworkingWireless Networking
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Wireless AdaptersWireless Adapters
Part # Description
SB6501 IEEE 802.11ad compliant, single-chip 802.11ad baseband processor
SiI6310/SiI6312 Highly integrated 60 GHz RF transceiver with on-package antenna array, single-polarized (SiI6310) and dual-polarized (SiI6312) antenna options

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Gigabit Outdoor

Wireless Fiber – Access and Backhaul Chipsets

The SiI6340 and SiI6342 high-throughput single-chip CMOS beam-steering 60GHz RF transceivers and the complementary SB6541 baseband processor address the need for high capacity wireless links in urban LTE and wireless broadband networks and other point-to-point link applications.

Featuring disruptive beam-steering technology high integration, low-power design, and internal and external antenna options, SiBEAM’s 60GHz wireless infrastructure product family represents the ideal solution for wireless broadband access and backhaul, LTE small cell backhaul, campus infrastructure and other point-to-point applications. The technology has the potential to disrupt the current communication paradigm and facilitate gigabit communications everywhere by enabling the point-to-multipoint mesh networks of the future.

SiBEAM’s beam-steering technology makes today’s point-to-point links lighter, cheaper, lower power and easier to install. The technology reduces the size and weight of the antenna and eliminates the need for fine manual alignment during and after installation. The low power and high level of integration of these devices, allows the size and power consumption of the system electronics to be reduced.


  • Wireless Adapters4G LTE
  • Hubs and SwitchesMETRO Wi-Fi
Part # Description
SiI6340 Features integrated antenna for small size and wide beam steering angle
SiI6342 Supports an external phased-array antenna that can be drawn directly on the PCB to achieve high antenna gain for greater range
SiI6541 Baseband processor for 60 GHz Access and Backhaul, single-chip MAC/PHY processor, PCIe host processor interface, Analog I/Q and digital control interface to the RF transceiver

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