Lattice’s industry-leading SiBEAM millimeter wave technology is implemented in a variety of Lattice Semiconductor products to help you stay connected and access content at gigabit speeds anytime, anywhere.

Lattice’s close proximity wireless connector, built with SiBEAM Snap™ technology, provides gigabit wireless speeds at very low power and is the ideal alternative to physical connectors such as USB. Using our Gigabit Wireless Connector technology, devices will be thinner, more elegant and free from damages caused by water, dust, and other contaminants.

For homes and offices, our Gigabit Wireless Indoor technologies provide instantaneous access to video and high-speed data transfer, ensuring you never have to wait long to enjoy your movies, video games or productivity applications.

Our Gigabit Wireless Outdoor wireless technologies enable easy network expansion across distances spanning hundreds of meters by removing the need for fiber connections to support urban LTE, Wi-Fi and fixed wireless broadband networks.

With SiBEAM technology, you can expect innovative technologies that deliver gigabit wireless everywhere, whatever the application.

Gigabit Wireless Connector

SiBEAM Snap™ wireless connector technology removes the need for physical connectors that constrain the industrial design and expose the device to damaging elements like water and dust. SiBEAM Snap technology delivers up to 12 Gb/s of bi-directional bandwidth for super-fast data transfers and Ultra HD (UHD) video streaming, making it ideal for today’s on-the-go consumers.

The technology has been designed to liberate designers from the mechanical constraints of connectors and delight consumers with elegant industrial designs that are thinner, lighter and protected from harsh environmental conditions.

Use Cases:

Environment proof mobile devices – Imagine a smartphone without any connectors. It is water- and dustproof. It could be very thin and made out of bendable material, so it doesn't break when dropped on concrete. Our connector replacement technology opens up endless design possibilities for a new breed of devices.

2-in-1 Ultrabook/tablet – The physical dimensions of connectors are holding back industrial designs. Snap technology removes the constraints of physical connector ports, transforming the device experience with more elegant and ground breaking designs.

Action camera – An action camera should fit the fast paced lifestyle of the user. It should be easily attachable and the final footage readily available. Snap eliminates the connector in the camera, thus removing the need for a protective cover and allowing you to share your content instantaneously.

For more information on Lattice’s wireless transmitter and receivers, built with SiBEAM Snap technology, click here.

Gigabit Wireless Indoor

When it comes to wireless performance, latency and speed matter. We offer several technologies to satisfy the needs of consumer products and professional equipment.

WirelessHD technology has been delivering sub-frame latency video with pristine quality wirelessly for many years. Products using Lattice’s WirelessHD chipsets are found in smartphones, projectors, laptops, and televisions. In addition to consumer electronics, WirelessHD is an ideal video streaming technology in medical and industrial operating environments where cables could become a safety hazard. Eliminating cables can also reduce cost of ownership since there are no wires to maintain.

Our next generation Wi-Fi technology is based on 802.11ad, which offers up to five times the speed of 802.11ac. It uses 60 GHz spectrum to achieve higher bandwidth, while avoiding signal interference common in current Wi-Fi technologies.

Our high-performance wireless technology enable consumers to transfer large files in an instant, enjoy 4K UHD video streaming, and interactive gaming on electronic devices like never before.

The wireless technologies deliver multi-gigabit data rates so users can enjoy high quality, ultra-low latency interactive video experiences, while offering a secure and robust wireless connection for content sharing between mobile, PC, networking, and other CE devices.

Use Cases:

Networking – Access the cloud, share data with multiple devices (phone, tablet, PC, storage, TV, set-top-box) at gigabit speeds with a tri-band 802.11ad wireless network.

Wireless Docking – Optimize your work space by eliminating cables from your laptop. You can now dock your laptop and connect wirelessly to your display, storage, and peripherals.

Wireless 4K Video – Download and share 4K video instantly from your phone, Blu-ray or set top box to your TV wirelessly.

Industrial and Medical Applications – Add wireless video support to surgical displays and camera/camcorder systems, while improving safety, lowering cost and reducing downtime.

Lattice’s WirelessHD modules and UltraGig™6400 device all utilize SiBEAM’s gigabit indoor technologies.

Gigabit Wireless Outdoor

Operators of urban cellular, metro Wi-Fi and fixed wireless backhaul and access services need to keep pace with consumers’ growing demand for data. Capacity expansion needs to be delivered quickly, cost-effectively, and with great flexibility. The 60 GHz license-free band is well suited for wireless infrastructure in dense urban environments.

Use Cases:

LTE Small Cell and Metro Wi-Fi – As user-density rises and their data demand increases, capacity is added to LTE and Metro Wi-Fi networks by dividing the coverage area into smaller cells. Wireless links are required to connect the cells back to the core network.

Fixed Wireless Backhaul and Access –Fixed wireless broadband networks can use wireless links to connect nodes in their networks and to create the final connection to the customer’s premises.

Enterprise Wireless Bridging – Wireless bridges can be used to establish links between buildings in an enterprise, medical or educational campus.

Learn more about Lattice’s GigaRay Wireless Infrastructure modules and devices here.

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